Poor Schools or Poor Kids?

Poor Schools or Poor Kids?Since the run-up to the 2008 election, the Democratic Party has been home to two prominent and very different reform wings. One, spearheaded by the group Democrats for Education Reform and notable school-district chiefs like New York’s Joel Klein and Washington, D. C.’s Michelle Rhee, is the Education Equality Project (EEP). The other, A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education (BBA), Read more

Kola Saami and Soviet Epoch, Russia (Part VI)

Kola Saami and Soviet Epoch, Russia (Part VI)Kola Peninsula was transformed into an independent Murmansk province from 1921 to 1927 and later became a part of Murmansk district of the Leningrad province. Soviets have formed nine ethnic villages. In 1929, the formation of collective farms began by converting Saami to the settled way of life. Winter pastures of Saami were confiscated.

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The first Read more

Why I’m Feeling Sorry for Sec. Duncan

Why I'm Feeling Sorry for Sec. Duncan(This post also appears on Rick Hess Straight Up.)

Since its inception, I’ve regarded Race to the Top (RTT) as an important and valuable idea, but I also spent much of last fall and winter arguing that the administration’s program design was not equal to the weight it was being asked to bear (what with its murky criteria for judge selection, ambiguous Read more

Human Factors in Education

Human Factors in EducationHuman Factors and How they Factor Into Education

In education today there are multiple personalities and qualities of effective leaders. Due to these personality types many times there are communication problems that occur. These personality types or human relationship factors are presented in many forms and can range from a positive attitude to a negative Read more

Photo Finish

Photo FinishThe July 2006 deadline came and went for states to comply with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandate to have a “highly qualified” teacher in every classroom. To meet the standard, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree, be state-certified, and prove they know the subjects they teach, either by satisfying minimum course-taking requirements or passing a test Read more

Ideas for Teaching Space and the Solar System

Ideas for Teaching Space and the Solar SystemThe mere mention of space and the solar system causes some students to overflow with excitement, while others immediately begin fighting back tears of boredom. Oddly enough, the same thing happens to many teachers. The best way to keep everyone enthused and interested in space and solar system lessons is to put some creativity in the classroom.

Comprehensive Read more

Build a promising career with SIBM Hyderabad

Build a promising career with SIBM HyderabadThe Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, the newest campus under the Symbiosis banner offers MBA programs in general business management. Similar to it’s counterparts in Pune and Bangalore, SIBM Hyderabad also carries forward the Symbiosis mission of making quality education accessible to a greater number of students. Equipping it’s students with the required Read more

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