BreakdownThe multiplicity of ills facing our nation’s public schools can depress even the most optimistic. How can we be hopeful when we have 30 million illiterate children? And it is no longer just the well-being of our poorest children that we need worry about; our top-performing public schools are no match for the international competition. China and India, among others, will finish our lunch Read more

Introduction to Nursing Theory

One of the most important required classes that you will take in nursing school is Introduction to Nursing Theory. Nursing Theory has a fairly broad definition, encompassing many different schools of thought on what nursing should be or how it should be practiced. The study of Nursing Theory includes learning about the numerous models of nursing that have been Read more

Kindness Counts: Teaching Empathy

Kindness Counts: Teaching EmpathyBullying. Hazing. Ostracizing. No parent wants her child to go through these pitfalls of adolescent life, much less perpetrate them. One of the most important parts of a child’s education is her social education-and teaching kids empathy can go a long way towards eliminating anti-social behaviors like these. Empathy is pro-social; it teaches kids Read more

How a 2nd Grader Thinks

How a 2nd Grader ThinksYour second grader has figured out the ins and outs of elementary school, but even though he’s practically a school pro he’s still developing mentally. What are second graders capable of understanding? Jean Piaget, the psychologist credited with forming the theory of cognitive development in the late 1920s, created a list of the mental limitations for each Read more

Cheating Is Rampant…Everyone Is Cheated

Cheating Is Rampant...Everyone Is CheatedLook at this list: more than 50 sites that sell ghost-written essays to students, who then sign the purchased work and pass it off as their own.

Did you know it was so bad? An epidemic really. And a devastating indictment of our high schools (which obviously don’t teach students how to write papers) and colleges (which obviously don’t care that so much Read more

Compared to Other Countries, Does the United States Really Do That Badly in Math?

Compared to Other Countries, Does the United States Really Do That Badly in Math?Many Americans were shocked to learn how poorly U. S. students were doing when the Program on International Student Assessment (PISA) released its study of math achievement for 2006. U. S. 15-year-olds came in 35th among the 57 nations who participated in its administration. The U. S. average score was 474 points (against an average of 500 for students in the industrialized Read more

Learn About Black History: Seven Lesser-Known Figures

Learn About Black History: Seven Lesser-Known FiguresMartin Luther King, Jr. Booker T. Washington. Harriet Tubman. These African-Americans have become household names and their contributions to our nation cannot be overestimated. But there are so many other African-Americans who made important contributions to society whose names are often overlooked in the history books. February marks Black History Month; read Read more

The Certification Connection

The Certification ConnectionI recently came across a flyer from the National Private Schools Association offering, among other things, certification for private school teachers. Intrigued, I went to the association’s website and discovered these requirements: provide information, all self-reported, on your academic background, teaching experience, and character; obtain a reference from an employer Read more

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