Educational Movies the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Educational Movies the Whole Family Will EnjoyCan’t stomach another family movie night featuring Hanna Montana or Clone Troopers? Screen one of these family-friendly movies and your kids won’t even realize they’re learning something new while they munch popcorn on the sofa. All are available on Netflix. com or Blockbuster. com, or your local video store or library (at no cost!).

Follow along with three animal families as they endure the ups and downs of a year, in the BBC’s amazing eleven episode series Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series (2007), a showcase of worldwide natural wonders. You’ll climb the highest mountains alongside snow leopards; you’ll plunge into the deepest seas with whale sharks-all from the comfort of your living room sofa. Play the related online game, Mission Planet, where you’ll be thrust into the director’s seat and asked to manage a film crew as it travels across the continents. Step into the hidden world of bugs, ants, and other creepy crawlies in Microcosmos (1996; Directed by Claude Nuridsany and Marie P rennou; Narrated by Kristen Scott Thomas and Jacques Perrin). Enjoy a close-up view of beetle battles, marching ant armies, and the birth of a butterfly. Critically acclaimed for its fine-tuned cinematography, this movie is one of the most creative and lyrical documentaries you’ll ever see. You don’t need a 60 x 80 feet movie screen to bring the excitement and spectacular footage of an IMAX movie into your home: IMAX has released all of it’s popular documentaries in DVD format. Join an expedition to some of the most biodiverse islands in the world with Galapagos: IMAX. Hike through one of our nations true treasures in Yellowstone: IMAX. Zoom 220 miles above our Earth and check into the International Space Station: IMAX. There are a trove of IMAX films to fit in with any of your family’s interests (or to provide more in-depth knowledge and understanding of your child’s current unit of study in school). Check out the IMAX Ultimate Collection, which contains 20 of the most popular IMAX movies on DVD. March of the Penguins (2005, Directed by Luc Jacquet; Narrated by Morgan Freemen) gifts viewers with a touchingly intimate glimpse into the difficult life of the Emperor Penguin. Witness the perseverance of these tuxedoed penguins as they trek across huge distances to their breeding grounds and protect their tiny hatchlings in the most brutal climate in the world. Yet another polar favorite, Arctic Tale (2007; Directed by Adam Raetch and Sarah Robertson; Narrated by Queen Latifah and Katrina Agate), tells the story of Nanu, a baby polar bear, and Seelah, a newborn walrus. Follow along as these two amazing animals make it through a precarious infancy then travel into youth, where they’ll be trained in hunting and fighting by their respective mothers. You’ll also witness the negative effects of global warning in the surrounding Arctic environment.

Unrecognized Progress

Unrecognized ProgressThe Koret Task Force does a valuable service for American education. Its recommendations are largely on target as we stick with the task of improving our schools and move toward the goal of “leaving no child behind.” But I see the events of the past 20 years in a different light. Our educators, students, parents, and policymakers deserve much more Read more

Teaching Emotions in the Classroom

Teaching Emotions in the ClassroomMany times, if young children are unable to act empathetic towards their siblings, friends, and classmates, it is not because they do not feel empathy, it is simply because they do not have the correct vocabulary to communicate their emotions.

Teaching children emotional vocabulary is a key part of conflict education at a young age. For a group activity, ask children: Read more

Parents’ Involvement In Enriching School Experience

Parents’ Involvement In Enriching School Experience“No one is more important than parents in sending the signal that reading and education matter and that school work is not a form of drudgery but a ticket to a better life. . . By giving their word to read to their children, to assist on homework, to engage the process of learning, parents can set an example for their children that is powerful and positive.” – Former California Read more

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a LegacyCommunity-level programs are often at a loss when their funding ends. How can they continue to offer services to clients? What aspects of their programs should they work hardest to sustain?

To help program directors plan for and respond at this critical juncture, EDC’s National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention Read more

For Youth, By Youth

For Youth, By YouthOver the Tana River, halfway between Nairobi and Somalia, the city of Garissa, Kenya, is home to about 230,000—mostly Somali pastoralists.

Camels, cows, and goats have been the lifeblood of this region for hundreds of years.

But drought, food shortages, and overgrazing perennially test the sustainability of that livelihood. And cattle rustling and violent banditry routinely Read more

First Grade Summer Reading List

2011 Summer Reading List

First Grade Summer Reading ListThe Book with a Hole by Herve Tullet. This is a whole lot more than just a giant book with a giant hole in it. Filled with imaginative pictures and interactive activities that inspire creativity, this whimsical read gets your child thinking outside of the box (or hole, as it were). In First Grade, kids are learning to string sentences together Read more

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