Getting a Head Start

Getting a Head StartWelcome to the second issue of Education Matters’ inaugural year. One of the Bush administration’s first major educational initiatives makes this the perfect time to debate the purpose of Head Start and preschool generally.

Head Start was created in 1965 to help disadvantaged preschoolers catch up with their peers raised in more prosperous circumstances. Unbeknownst Read more

Technology and Higher Education

Technology and Higher EducationThese days, teens adapt to new technologies like fish take to water. But many educators have been slow to adopt the trend of accompanying lectures with multimedia and other 21st century technologies. What's standing between old habits and new technologies, and how can students and teachers begin to revolutionize education using new tools?

An ethical obligation?

According Read more

Kids Are Smarter Than We Think

Kids Are Smarter Than We ThinkIlliteracy isn’t just an inconvenience, according to the National Literacy Institute. It’s a national emergency.

According to recommendations recently made to President-Elect Obama’s education advisors, the U. S. is facing an unprecedented literacy crisis that reflects a need for the nation to invest in early education programs and make language development Read more

Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in SchoolBy Basheer Ahmad

Is your child doing poorly in school? Try these often over looked tips to help turn your underachiever into an over achieving scholar.

First and foremost, talk to your child. Ask questions; find out what is happening in their world. Are they bored? Is the teacher giving them the motivation, help and guidance they need? Are they being Read more

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Is Your Home Making You Sick?It seems like an ideal family afternoon: your kids are playing peacefully with their toys while you chop meat for dinner in the kitchen. And yet, looks can be deceiving. Both of these seemingly innocent scenarios carry with them potential hazards, according to those who specialize in helping families stay safe from toxins in the home. “Parents need to be informed and understand the risks, they Read more

Eight Reasons to Learn Java

Eight Reasons to Learn JavaJava is omnipresent. We can see it around us in every field imaginable. But learning Java is not easy as using it. It can give you headaches initially but gradually admits you into the developer group. The fact that Software Development is here to stay and it pays lucrative salaries will make the effort totally worth it.

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There Read more

The Price of Universal Pre-K

The Price of Universal Pre-KDemand for universal pre-kindergarten has grown significantly in the last decade, and states have responded by doubling the number of programs available. Today, 49 states sponsor pre-K programs, together spending close to $4 billion a year to fund them. But money for the new programs often comes from the same sources that fund traditional full-day child care, causing some child Read more

Deja Vu All Over Again

Deja Vu All Over AgainMy vision of where education will be—and where it must be—overlaps with Chris Whittle’s to some extent. But it also differs in significant ways. Whittle’s essay, drawn from his cheerful book (Crash Course), tells us that most of our education troubles will be over in just a quarter century. I disagree. His assumptions often differ markedly from the available evidence Read more

Academic Freedom

Academic FreedomThe Los Angeles Unified School District is the second largest school system in the nation-and perhaps the worst. Slightly less than half of its 75,000 employees are classroom teachers, meaning that Los Angeles spends just 35 percent of its budget on teacher pay. By comparison, the school systems in Houston, Texas, and Edmonton, in the Canadian province of Alberta, Read more

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