Swine Flu: Is a Third Wave Coming?

Swine Flu: Is a Third Wave Coming?Two waves of the H1N1 virus have already hit the United States, with estimates that as many as 1 in 8 Americans came down with swine flu. Recently, some officials have been pointing to the 1957-58 flu pandemic and wondering if yet another wave of the virus is on the way.

First, a quick history lesson: The influenza pandemic of 1957-58 hit the country with two waves, similar to swine flu in 2009. Read more

How a 5th Grader Thinks

How a 5th Grader ThinksNow that your child’s a big cheese at elementary school, it’s easy to see how much he's grown mentally. It can be challenging to determine what a ten or eleven-year-old fifth grader can understand and what's beyond his comprehension. He may look like a preteen, but there's still some little kid just under the surface.

Jean Piaget, the psychologist credited Read more

Social Cognitive Theory

Social Cognitive TheorySCT integrates a large number of discrete ideas, concepts, and sub-processes into an overall framework for understanding human functioning. Five of the central concepts are described below. For a more complete explanation of SCT, readers are directed to works by Bandura and to the relevant chapters within textbooks on learning.

Observational Learning/Modeling. Read more

How Does Mitochondrial DNA Contribute to Human Disease

How Does Mitochondrial DNA Contribute to Human DiseaseIntroduction

Mitochondria are organelles found in nearly all eukaryotic cells with approximate size 0.5 to 10µm in diameter which are most famous for their ability to produce Adenosine-5′-triphosphate (ATP) – which is the molecular unit of currency of energy transfer within the cell; by means of oxidative phosphorylation during aerobic respiration. Read more

Haitian Youth Recount Day of Earthquake

Haitian Youth Recount Day of EarthquakeBefore January 12, Charleus Louristan, Widny Laurent, and Modline Occy were working toward a brighter future by studying carrelage (laying paving stones) as participants in EDC’s Haitian Out-of-School Youth Livelihood Project (IDEJEN).

Then the earthquake struck Haiti, changing their worlds forever. Despite what they endured that day, Louristan, Laurent, and Occy Read more

Learn Math through Poetry

Learn Math through PoetryBy Joe Pagano

Since mathematics as a whole is a difficult subject to learn, maybe different approaches are needed in the teaching of this discipline. Certainly the hands-on approach gives students a tactile perspective to the inner workings of this subject, while the real-life applications approach lets students see and understand how mathematics Read more

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