5th Grade Language Arts: What Happens

5th Grade Language Arts: What HappensNow that your child is the head honcho in elementary school, he’ll be acting like a school pro. But don’t let that fool you, he still has a lot to learn. Fifth grade language arts is full of book reports, spelling tests, and reading lists. It’s also full of fun. Knowing what your child is going to learn will make you better prepared to answer his questions and gauge his progress Read more

The $56 Million the NEA Spends on Political Campaigns is Only the Beginning

The $56 Million the NEA Spends on Political Campaigns is Only the Beginning“Teachers unions as a massive general political force is an untold story,” writes Mike Antonucci in “The Long Reach of Teachers Unions,” an article that will appear in the Fall 2010 issue of Ed Next, and which is now available online. “Rarely discussed is union influence over state and federal elections and over domestic policy, from fundamental issues such as taxation and health Read more

Why School Suspensions are illogical

Why School Suspensions are illogicalBy Robert Schpok

Out of school suspensions have become a major disciplinary action engaged in by public schools in Illinois. Suspensions produce poor results with regular students and are educationally unsound for students in special education. Yet schools continue with this dreadful disciplinary action and then justify it with: “we don’t Read more

How to Handle First Day Fears

How to Handle First Day FearsAs the first day of school approaches, you’re excited about all the new adventures your child will experience – but she’s not. Although she may not be able to explain why, she’s anxious and unhappy about the whole thing. What’s the matter?

“The overarching issue is fear of the unfamiliar,” says Robyn Silverman, Ph. D., author of the Powerful Words Character Development Read more

Teacher Leadership

Teacher LeadershipEducation researchers and developers know a great deal about the systemic variables involved in sustaining school reform—such as assessment and alignment, leadership, curriculum. Where we’ve stumbled—and this is a perennial stumbling block—is on the issue of scale. We get things started schoolwide or districtwide, and we’re unable to create changes on any broader scale. And the stumbling block Read more

Poor Schools or Poor Kids?

Poor Schools or Poor Kids?Since the run-up to the 2008 election, the Democratic Party has been home to two prominent and very different reform wings. One, spearheaded by the group Democrats for Education Reform and notable school-district chiefs like New York’s Joel Klein and Washington, D. C.’s Michelle Rhee, is the Education Equality Project (EEP). The other, A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education (BBA), Read more

Kola Saami and Soviet Epoch, Russia (Part VI)

Kola Saami and Soviet Epoch, Russia (Part VI)Kola Peninsula was transformed into an independent Murmansk province from 1921 to 1927 and later became a part of Murmansk district of the Leningrad province. Soviets have formed nine ethnic villages. In 1929, the formation of collective farms began by converting Saami to the settled way of life. Winter pastures of Saami were confiscated.

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The first Read more

Why I’m Feeling Sorry for Sec. Duncan

Why I'm Feeling Sorry for Sec. Duncan(This post also appears on Rick Hess Straight Up.)

Since its inception, I’ve regarded Race to the Top (RTT) as an important and valuable idea, but I also spent much of last fall and winter arguing that the administration’s program design was not equal to the weight it was being asked to bear (what with its murky criteria for judge selection, ambiguous Read more

Human Factors in Education

Human Factors in EducationHuman Factors and How they Factor Into Education

In education today there are multiple personalities and qualities of effective leaders. Due to these personality types many times there are communication problems that occur. These personality types or human relationship factors are presented in many forms and can range from a positive attitude to a negative Read more

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